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The Akur8 Academy offers a variety of training opportunities, including webinars, workshops, online games and conferences, all designed to help actuaries improve their skills and knowledge in the area of non-life insurance pricing.

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Actuarial Trainings

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Akur8 Academy Webinar
June 26, 2024

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Register for our upcoming Akur8 Academy Webinar on June 26th at 12 PM EST. The webinar, "Demystifying Artificial Intelligence," will be hosted by Max Martinelli and Josh Mayers, Actuarial Data Scientists at Akur8,.

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*Some activities can be accredited as Continuing Professional Development points with your local Actuarial Association.

Akur8 Credentials

(for Akur8 users only)

Our digital credential certification program allows you to test your skills and share your knowledge of the Akur8 solution with your professional network. This program is appropriate for both new and existing Akur8 users. Whether you’re just getting started or you're an expert using Akur8’s Risk, Demand or Rate modules, we have the right badge/certificate for you, including a 3-step program that delivers ‘Essential’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Expert’ certifications.

Upon successful completion of a short (and fun!) quiz, you will officially receive the respective credentials, which can be shared on social media platforms, embedded in email signatures and added to your LinkedIn profile as professional credentials. 

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Akur8’s insurance pricing e-learning hub

We provide access to a wide range of resources, such as research papers, recorded webinars, and industry reports, to help our members stay informed and ahead of the curve. 

Check out our latest replays of webinars related to insurance pricing, and download our research and position papers below.

Actuarial Modernization

Actuarial Modernization

In this session Thomas Holmes, Chief Actuary for the US at Akur8, and Jen Jabben, Senior Manager at EY, address the timely transition of small or traditional actuarial teams into the realm of predictive modeling. They explore the unique obstacles these teams face, such as resource limitations, juggling multiple roles, and the scarcity of experienced predictive modelers. The focus then shifts to solutions to transform these constraints into opportunities. The presentation underscores the importance of intuitive tech solutions, effective governance, partnerships, and strategic stakeholder engagement in facilitating this transformative journey, ultimately aiming to empower every actuary in this digital age.

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