We combine cutting edge technology with actuarial excellence to maximize insurers’ business performance.
Portrait of Samuel Falmagne, CEO at Akur8

Samuel Falmagne
CEO at Akur8


Portrait of Samuel Falmagne, CEO at Akur8

Samuel Falmagne
CEO at Akur8

2023 was a pivotal year for Akur8. In an industry shaken by inflation, regulatory changes and the lingering aftermath of a global pandemic, Akur8 remarkably stood out and continued to grow (+100% YoY), while helping insurers to quickly adapt to today’s changes and address the insurance pricing challenges of tomorrow. In this fast-paced environment, Akur8 has succeeded in securing an exceptional position in the insurance ecosystem worldwide.

While Akur8 is an international company by design, we became a true global company in 2023. We solidified our presence this year in the United States and Japan, two key strategic markets for Akur8, and continued our growth in both established and new territories. Our client support service now covers all time zones and provides help to customers in more than 20 different languages.

2023 was also a year of renewed trust from investors and industry leaders, and I can confidently state that Akur8 is now a firmly established industry player. We closed a new investment round of $25 million, bringing our total funding to more than $60 million. This new round of funding is supported by Akur8’s previous investor BlackFin Capital Partners, as well as by the iconic insurtech investors FinTLV Ventures and Guidewire.

As this new year begins, we have all the assets we need to make 2024 an even better year. The Akur8 team is more committed than ever to taking the company even further, while maintaining the quality and innovation of our product and customer support, which are and will remain our distinctive strengths.

“I don’t think there has ever been in my whole career a time of greater change in the insurance industry. Changes in economics, climate, available data, technology and customer behaviours, are all transforming our ways of working, what we need to cover and how we can cover it. This affects every aspect of insurance pricing: the tools we use, the products we develop, the speed we need to move, and the way we communicate with customers and our own teams. Akur8 can empower the actuaries of the future, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic, more complex, more interesting problems. By doing the heavy lifting and suggesting new paths to explore, Akur8 creates new opportunities for actuaries.”
Charlotte Halkett, Senior Consultant at Milliman


A strong global footprint


Our cloud-based, machine learning native solution provides an unmatched user experience to actuarial and pricing experts worldwide. Since our launch in 2018, we have empowered the pricing teams of over 130 insurance carriers globally, half of which were signed in 2023.

This year also demonstrated the market's exceptional faith in us, with new investors and key partners joining the Akur8 ecosystem.

"We take pride in investing in only the top insurtech companies in the industry, and Akur8 has proven again and again that their powerful insurance pricing software stands above the rest.”
Gil Arazi, Managing Partner at FinTLV
Portrait of Brune De Linares, Chief Client Officer at Akur8

Brune De Linares
Chief Client Officer at Akur8

In a challenging economic landscape, Akur8 achieved an incredible feat by doubling its customer base, securing alliances with prestigious clients like Tokio Marine and MAPFRE, and expanding its partnerships with longstanding clients including AXA and MS&AD.

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Our customers

130+ insurers worldwide boost their pricing with Akur8
What they say about us
“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting partnership with Akur8. With the capacity to run models in the cloud, swiftly export documentation, and conduct Dislocation and Impact Analysis, we are poised to elevate our rate-making process.”
Jean-Louis Hernández, Motor Pricing Director at MAPFRE Spain
“We believe this collaboration will help us save time throughout the modeling process due to its simplicity, automation, but also level of support.”
Arnaldo Bechara Filho, Director of P&C and Pricing at Tokio Marine Seguradora (Brazil)
“We found insightful interactions after one day of modeling with Akur8’s insurance pricing solution. Leveraging this user-friendly and transparent platform will enable our pricing team to build better models faster across more lines of business.”
Nick Foore, Assistant Vice President Strategic Development at WRG (U.S.)

Our partners

From the very beginning of Akur8, we have been committed to developing a complete ecosystem of the best consulting and tech partners in the industry. In 2023, we relied on both historical partners and new strategic alliances to deliver the best-in-class comprehensive pricing platform to our customers.
In the spotlight: strategic tech partnerships of 2023
A successful, multifaceted alliance with
Guidewire has chosen to invest in Akur8 during our latest financing round, demonstrating a strong confidence in our ability to revolutionize the insurance industry. We also jointly launched a fully integrated pricing solution accessible through the Guidewire Marketplace.
Providing data-driven specialty & commercial pricing with
We kicked-off a partnership with hyperexponential in 2023, combining our complementary pricing decision intelligence capabilities to offer insurers an automated, data-driven system for accurately pricing commercial and specialty insurance products.


The next generation insurance pricing solution

new features in 2023
satisfaction rate

Akur8 is revolutionizing non-life insurance pricing with our cloud-based, fully integrated platform. We enhance actuarial capabilities with our user-friendly, machine learning native solution, built on cutting-edge technology.

Our software empowers insurers to price at unprecedented speed, directly influencing financial outcomes and enhancing risk assessments. Insurers will be able to navigate the dynamic, highly competitive market with unwavering confidence.

"Akur8 is in the right place, at the right moment, as pricing is now part of insurers’ strategic topics. Akur8 is not only a technical partner for actuaries: it offers a common language to all carriers stakeholders. If an insurer wants to improve time to market, achieve modeling transparency, and take data-driven, collaborative decisions, Akur8 is a must have solution."
José María Castelo Marín, Independent Board Member and President of the Audit Committee at IMA Ibérica Asistencia and Senior Advisor at Akur8.

Our fully integrated SaaS solution

Upload, clean &
prepare your data.
Build your pure
Capture demand and price sensitivity.
Build rate plan &
make decisions.
Automatically find the best rates*.
*Available in markets where regulation allows.
Pricing engine
Build production
*Available in markets where regulation allows.

Looking back at our product’s evolution in 2023

In 2022, we introduced our pivotal Rate features to empower our users: this module allows them to perform production-ready rate plans, enabling them to align their decisions with their specific business objectives and market dynamics.

Recognizing the critical role of pricing strategy testing, our product team dedicated the entirety of 2023 to enhance this capability for our users. This not only streamlines the pricing strategy experimentation process but also ensures that users can accurately track their pricing evolution over time. This will give our users the insights needed to make well-informed decisions, anticipate portfolio shifts, and maximize profitability.

With our enhanced Rate features and new capabilities, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of insurance pricing, enabling them to make decisions that align with their long-term business success and desired outcomes.

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our first optimization module, catering to the needs of our most sophisticated customers in the EU market. Additionally, our team has started building a Pricing Engine to complement our existing solution to simplify processes and streamline workflows, enhancing efficiency and agility.

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Portrait of Joanna Chardon, Chief Data Science and Insurance Officer at Akur8

Joanna Chardon
Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Akur8

”The richness and complexity of data available to pricing teams is much broader than it was even a few years ago. The future of the profession will be to collect and clean enormous amounts of data to then apply Machine Learning enhanced traditional actuarial techniques to it. Tomorrow’s actuaries will be able to use data in a bolder, more clever way than ever.”
Leonardo Felician, Chief Executive Officer at BeRebel


Our essence lies in our team

international offices

Akurians are not just part of the company, they embody our very spirit. Their skills, dedication, and innovative approaches have propelled us to where we are today, and will undoubtedly make us a key player in the future of the industry. This is why our People team relentlessly works to make Akur8 an exceptional employer.

2023 was indeed a big year for Akur8 on the People side: it marked the establishment of our new office in Tokyo, the relocation of our Parisian office, the onboarding of our new CTO, and the initiation of dozens of new initiatives aimed at fostering a more welcoming, inclusive and sustainable company environment.


We challenge
the unbearable status quo

We strive for innovation and for the transformation of the insurance industry. But we command change only when it is needed and has genuine virtuous impact.

We disrupt the known,
organize the unknown

We work without borders. We have the ability to challenge ourselves to adapt to unknown scenarios, in all kinds of contexts. We thrive in structuring what is hardly structurable.

We are AI-driven
but refreshingly human

Akur8 is an artificially-intelligent solution but humanity always comes first, within our team, with our clients and with our solution. Our AI is Transparent and human-controlled.

We build
things that last

We build long-standing, robust and reliable solutions for new and century-old insurance companies. We are here to stay.

Portrait of Brune De Linares, Chief Client Officer at Akur8

Franck Zerbib
Chief Technology Officer at Akur8

Akur8’s team is definitely special too: the company nurtures highly talented individuals, united by a strong international culture that values initiative, collaboration, and mutual respect. Regardless of your background, you have a genuine opportunity to influence the company's future, fostering a remarkable level of engagement and accountability, with a focus on maximizing the value we provide to our customers.

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Akur8 teammates

We are very grateful for all of our stakeholders! Many thanks to our esteemed clients and partners, valued investors and of course our amazing team!

You all made Akur8 what it is today: a global company with a concrete, powerful impact on its sector and a reputation of excellence.

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