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What we do

We work for improving the insurance ecosystem

Since 2016 our skilled R&D team of data scientists, software engineers and actuaries has developed unique AI algorithms that automate the insurance pricing process in an unprecedented way. Our solution is a SaaS platform which allows insurance companies to model their risks 10 times faster, with a higher predictive power than traditional methods. constituting a major game changer for the insurance industry.

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Akur8 teammate workingAkur8 teammate workingAkur8 teammate workingAkur8 teammate workingAkur8 teammate working
How we do it

What Akur8 stands for

Excellence through expertise

We evolve in a very demanding and specialized environment. Our clients are big corporations, many of which were founded centuries ago. Our audience is highly expertized, with leading technical knowledge. This requires the highest level of standards from us, with a deep understanding of their challenges and needs, coupled with a strong knowledge of both our product and the other solutions on the market, whether functionally or technically.

Drive: we reach further and beyond

We are high-energy and driven individuals always striving to do better. We go one step further to serve our clients and improve our product. We look for better and better ways to work and succeed together. And, working in a changing environment with a very wide range of situations - markets, lines of businesses, companies - we know how and when to adapt.

Humility: we stay humble at all times

We uphold humility in all contexts and at all times. The typology of our clients and audience makes it all the more necessary to stay humble and show great open-mindedness.

Empathy: we genuinely care for clients and colleagues

We build long-standing, robust and reliable solutions for new and century-old insurance companies. We are here to stay.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Akur8, we are committed to building an inclusive working environment where everyone can be themselves. Diversity & Inclusion are not only at the core of our values, but also at the heart of the team that we have built and are continuing to grow.

We are incredibly proud of our exceptional international team with 30+ nationalities represented and more than 20 languages spoken… and counting!

In 2023, as a diverse and inclusive company, Akur8 has launched the Employees Resource Group, ERG-D&I, an employee-led organisation within Akur8 employees to share common experiences, connect, collaborate, and support on initiatives that foster inclusivity in the workplace.

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Our offices

AKUR8 - Paris, France 🇫🇷

AKUR8 - New York, USA 🇺🇸

AKUR8 - London, UK 🇬🇧

AKUR8 - Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

AKUR8 - Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪

AKUR8 - Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵

Akur8 has an office in Paris, France
Akur8 has an office in New York, United States
New York
Akur8 has an office in London, United Kingdom
Akur8 has an office in Milan, Italy
Akur8 has an office in Cologne, Germany

Frequently asked questions

Is Akur8 an equal opportunity employer?

Akur8 is, in every sense of the term, an equal opportunity employer. We promote individual differences to ensure a healthy and inclusive work environment for all our employees.

I can't find my country listed in my Akur8 job search, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely!. We can discuss a potential relocation, or future office openings, to fit around your situation and our needs.

How will I know if my application has been received?

Whether you are applying through our career website or a job board, be assured that we always receive it through our ATS (Applicant Tracking System). We provide an answer to all applications, whether that is to continue the recruitment process, or to let you know we will not be moving forward.

What are the steps in Akur8 's hiring process?

The hiring process is different for every open position, but they all start the same way. The first person you will be in contact with (by phone or video call) will be one of our Talent Acquisition Managers. This first interview will allow you to get more information about us, the role and the different steps of the recruitment process, and for us to learn more about you, your background, what you are looking for and why you’re interested in Akur8. On technical roles, you will then have a technical assessment. For non-technical roles, you will meet the hiring manager. In the final stage of our process, candidates will meet with several managers and founders, visit our office and have a real understanding of who we are as a team and a company, and what our values are.

Will I be considered for positions other than the one I submitted my resume for?

Yes, our Talent Acquisition team and Hiring Managers have a good understanding of all the open positions at Akur8, so they will recommend your profile if they think you would be a good fit in another role. You will be informed and presented with this other position.

Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

Yes we will. During the interview process, our Talent Acquisition Managers will keep you informed regarding the status of your application.