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Logo Axa



“Akur8 allows for a reduction in modeling time, enabling us to build new prices much faster and significantly decreasing our time-to-market, while increasing the productivity of our team.”

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Logo Canopius Vave



“Akur8 has a great solution to a problem that we have – converting data into underwriting actions and so it makes perfect sense for us to work with them.”

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Logo Generali



”Akur8’s value very quickly came to light. Modeling speed is 5x faster, while keeping a thoroughly transparent and auditable process. The user-friendliness of the interface and the collaborative aspect of it are a great asset for the team, making it very easy-to-use, while enhancing internal communication. The responsiveness of the Akur8 team also was instrumental in our very fast learning curve.”

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Logo Matmut



"We chose Akur8 because it is an innovative solution, which allows us to put the best-in-class pricing technology at the service of our employees. The modeling speed saves precious time for our teams.”

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Logo Wakam


Europe, UK

“Akur8 is a best-in-class pricing solution. The results we observed during the pilot phase are speaking for themselves, with dramatic reduction in modeling time and more predictive power of the models. This will both accelerate our time-to-market and improve our pricing accuracy, bringing substantial value to our partners and the end-customer, in a time that requires ever more reactivity and transparency.”

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Logo Yuzzu



“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Akur8, which we believe is an advanced and effective solution in the P&C retail market for risk modeling. The results we observed during the 2-week pilot were compelling, considering both our prediction indicators and the significant time reduction in risk modeling. Above all, we expect it to be of great value for our customers, with increased personalization and targeted pricing, contributing to offering them a fair insurance policy.”

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Logo wefox



”As a fully-digital real-time insurer, partnering with the best-in-class solution on the market is of tremendous value to us and our customers. Time to market is a core KPI for our central product factory. We’ve brought it down from months to a few weeks already. Akur8 will help us to further reduce the time to market for new tariffs to a couple of days. wefox Insurance and Akur8 are both committed to bringing more speed and fairness to their customers.”

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Logo Beesafe



“Beesafe is a purely digital venture with a strong insurtech identity that we are extremely proud to be launching (...), sustained by collaborations with topnotch solutions that Akur8 epitomizes, for a highly strategic process that is pricing, all the more when launching a new product.”

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Logo PZU



“Akur8 offers a game changing approach to ratemaking compared to manual solutions, that we were eager to adopt. The benefits in terms of speed and performance are major, while the process is robust and safe. The collaborative and intuitive interface, the smart features as well as the reactive and proficient support were also greatly appreciated by our pricing teams.”

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Logo Munich RE

Munich RE


”Akur8’s strengths, pivoting on the commodification of prediction power, allow for what we call “The third wave” of insurance pricing: while keeping full control on the process, most of the time of the domain expert is spent on understanding the problem and applying the right solution, not in tedious repetitive modeling tasks.”

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Logo HDI Seguros

HDI Seguros


“This alliance with Akur8 is another proof point of our tech and digital DNA. Embracing best-in-class technology to ensure faster, more accurate and fully transparent ratemaking is a key differentiator and HDI Seguros is excited to lead the way”.

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Logo Axa



“The partnership with Akur8 illustrates Axa Direct Japan’s commitment to delivering the highest quality and best experience possible to our customers, by partnering with the best-in-class player in their field, for a process as core as pricing decisions. It is also a strong embodiment of the pursuit of our exciting digital transformation journey.”

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Logo Axa



“Akur8 helps us continue to strive for technical sophistication and empowers us to deliver valuable insurance solutions to our customers more efficiently while ensuring utmost transparency and control. We believe Akur8 will not only be an important asset to our team’s work along the whole pricing value chain, but also of great value to our customers for providing increased personalization and targeted pricing in a dynamic marketplace.”

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Logo Bass underwriters

Bass underwriters


“Providing efficient, reliable and consistent pricing creates a win-win for the risk taker and agent. Having the ability to improve risk pricing by running complex models and updating those models as new data comes in at any moment is a game changer for us, and a competitive differentiator. It is crucial for the rapidly changing E&S marketplace.”

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Logo AllClear Travel Insurance

AllClear Travel Insurance

United Kingdom

"Akur8’s platform offers a best-in-class pricing ecosystem for data analytics, risk and demand modeling, rate making and impact assessment. Akur8’s pricing suite is fully integrated and easy to use. It allows us to speed up our modeling process, turning weeks of modeling into a few hours and shifting team effort from production to analytics and decision making."

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Logo Ornikar



"Pour Ornikar, il est essentiel de créer une offre d'assurance compétitive et différenciée adaptée à sa clientèle cible : les jeunes conducteurs. Akur8 nous est apparu comme la solution la plus performante pour apporter souplesse et rapidité tout en garantissant la solidité des modèles de tarification nécessaires à Ornikar"

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Logo ManyPets


UK, US, Sweden

“Working with Akur8 and a new pricing solution will help us further improve our time-to-market and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience as we continue to grow”.

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