July 21, 2023

๐ŸŽฌ Akur8 releases "Just Ask an Actuary" Video Series

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Watch Akur8's Just Ask an Actuary Video Series!

Watch our new "Just Ask an Actuary" video series made by Actuaries and Insurance Pricing experts. We met with actuaries from around the world and asked them common questions from the actuarial community! Our video provides actuaries with answers from industry experts who give insight on the latest trends and discoveries in actuarial science.

โ€How is the pricing process evolving?

Our video series gives Actuarial and Pricing experts the opportunity to share their insights on important pricing topics, trends and challenges! Guillaume Beraud-Sudreau, Founder and Chief Actuary at Akur8, begins with the question: โ€œWhat are the latest trends youโ€™ve observed in the automation of pricing processes?โ€

What do actuaries have to say?

In episode one, Veronica Coronel Vera, Senior Engagement Manager at Munich Re answers Guillaume's question, and discusses the clear trends that are currently being observed in terms of automation in the underwriting and pricing process. Veronica believes that the recent birth of automated machine learning is changing the role of the pricing analyst and pricing department overall.

Listen to Veronica's reasoning by watching this episode of our "Just Ask an Actuary" series! To wrap up the video, Veronica asks a question regarding price elasticity.


In the second episode, find out the answer to Veronica's question regarding capturing price elasticity: "Why can naive modeling lead to wrong optimization strategies?"

To answer her question, we reached out to Sรธren Haugaard Jensen, Head of Pricing P&C at Wefox for more insight. Check out episode three of our series to hear what Sรธren has to say!



In the third episode, find out the answer to Soren's question: "How do you deal with reimbursements and negative claims?"

To answer his question, we reached out to Kevin Vu, Pricing Data Scientist at Wakam for more insight. Check out episode three of our series to hear what Kevin has to say!


If you would like to be a part of our video series, feel free to reach out to us: leave us a message in the comment section of our YouTube Shorts, or contact us directly through the contact page on our website found here ๐Ÿ‘‰ Contact Page

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